(Urban, Heritage, Branding, and Tourism)


Sustainable conservation of heritage areas faces numerous local and global challenges. More and more countries are paying unprecedented interest in the conservation and preservation of heritage areas as an important element of their sustainable development plans for these areas constitute great economic, social, and cultural value that should be employed in an integrated manner to achieve the maximum benefits.

The conference focuses on the sustainable conservation of historical areas as they constitute an irreplaceable cultural value and ensure their positive interaction with the surrounding community thus making heritage an integral part of the urban, economic, and cultural context of the country. The conference also asserts the importance of extending the scope of conservation of heritage area to upgrade the urban environment, taking into consideration the local cultural element that characterizes different cities. Such conservation must employee state of the art technologies, smart development and technological solutions and new approaches.

Finally the conference calls for the necessity of unifying all efforts at all levels, including those of the donors, the investors and the researchers to support Egypt in its endeavor to conserve heritage location, sites or paths  such as the path  of the journey of the Holly Family and other similar paths along the Nile river  as  an urban development assets  with potential  economic value.